If you are thinking about studying piano, you already know that music matters to you. And if you have studied an instrument in the past, you know that playing an instrument brings you closer to music. The piano, with its enormous range and powers of harmonic and rhythmic variation, offers the richest, most complex experience of music.

Music is communication. To be sure, the composer communicates with the performer and the performer with the audience; but music also opens the doors of communication, so that the performer, in tackling a piece of music, communicates with him or herself. As one develops as a player, one gains a deeper understanding of music, connecting musical sound with imagery, story, colors and feelings. At Northern Baltimore Piano, our aim is to help students discover those connections in music and share them with others.

For younger students, there are important life lessons to be learned from studying piano, not the least of which is discipline. The only way to develop this lifelong skill is through regular, well-directed practice. In the process, the student develops dexterity, coordination and a sense of rhythm and harmony. The young student also learns how to learn—that is, how to lay a foundation and patiently build skills one on top of another. Several studies have shown that music education correlates with high academic achievement. The student gains in self-confidence and has more opportunities for rewarding social interaction.

In short, the successful piano student possesses keys to a happier life: a deeper understanding of music and the means of sharing it with others.

Meet Soyoung Ryoo

For over 20 years, Soyoung Ryoo has been committed to building a strong musical foundation that not only helps her students achieve great things in front of the piano, but also in life. Northern Baltimore Piano is currently accepting new students of all ages and levels.