Playing the piano requires multi-step processing that involves our brain and various body parts. Successful piano playing comes when all the necessary steps are taking place simultaneously. NBP Clinic is designed to target the specifically broken down steps to help a student become more proficient. The student will learn each step and combine them to build a solid foundation for playing the piano.

Glossary & Functions

Progress Levels


Identify notes by reading


Identify notes by listening


Identify notes by reading; Listen in ear and/or sing the notes


Identify notes by reading; Respond with fingers on the corresponding keys


Identify notes by listening; Respond with fingers on the corresponding keys


Identify notes by listening; Visualize and/or draw notes


Listen and understand the music


Train fingers to express the understood feelings

Clinic Session Information

Typically each clinic is 4 sessions, starting with Level I then advancing to Level II and finally to Level III. Since students participating in the NBP clinics will have varying levels of skills and experience, NBP will assess each of their needs and recommend a customized slate of sessions. If the student shows significant progress early in the clinic sessions, the instructor may determine that the student can advance immediately to the next clinic. It is also possible that after 4 sessions, the instructor feels the student may need more work and will recommend additional sessions within the same clinic. Whether the student can only do 1 session or more than 4, they will greatly benefit from the skills acquired from the clinic.

This is not a piano lesson, it is a skills development workshop designed to help students overcome the challenges they face during a normal piano lesson. Students are not required to practice and play a piece. Students are not required to work on any assignments for the session. Each session is 45 minutes long and siblings are welcome to share a session. For consistency and skills retention, it is recommended that the clinic be scheduled for 4 consecutive days. Please consult with the instructor to work out a convenient schedule.

NBP Clinic Tuition

  • $80 per session for the 1st student
  • $10 for each additional student sharing the same session

Maximum 4 students in a session.

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Meet Soyoung Ryoo

For over 20 years, Soyoung Ryoo has been committed to building a strong musical foundation that not only helps her students achieve great things in front of the piano, but also in life. Northern Baltimore Piano is currently accepting new students of all ages and levels.