rev. 08/01/2022

The policy of Northern Baltimore Piano (NBP) is designed:

  • For students of all ages and levels to progress in their studies,
  • For the studio to prosper as a business. Working together we can achieve our goals.

The studio provides prospective students with two copies or an electronic version of our policy. Please read it carefully and feel free to ask any questions. If you decide to enroll, please fill out and sign both copies and return both copies to your instructor. A copy will be returned to you after the policy is signed by NBP’s Director.

Lessons & NBP Clinic

Piano lessons are available at Northern Baltimore Piano (hereinafter referred to as “NBP”) for all ages. Learners are divided into two categories based on their age. There are different tuition structures for each category.

  • STUDENTS: Learners enrolled in preschool through 12th grade are referred to as STUDENTS (hereinafter referred to as “Students”).
  • ADULTS: Unless they are currently in high school, learners ages 18 and older are considered ADULTS (hereinafter “Adults”).


  • It is mandatory for students to enroll for a full studio calendar year. 
  • There are two semesters in the Studio Calendar Year (hereinafter referred to as “Calendar Year”). 
  • Calendar year runs from September to June. Please refer to the studio calendar for specific semester start and end dates. Up to date calendar is on the website ( Student/parent responsibility to check dates.
  • There are 38 lessons and two recitals in the full calendar year.
  • To schedule the weekly lesson time and day, the instructor will coordinate with the Student or parent (if under 18). Once this schedule has been set at the beginning of the Fall Semester, the schedule remains the same into the Spring Semester. 
  • If a lesson needs to be canceled, students cannot request a reschedule, even with advanced notice. Details can be found in the Missed Lessons section.
  • Lessons during the summer are highly recommended by NBP; family schedules will be accommodated by prorating the lesson fee. 

Student Tuition
Tuition rates are divided into two tiers. NBP’s director provides lessons at TIER ONE rates. NBP faculty provide lessons at TIER TWO. Please note the following tables reflect the tuition amount for the full calendar year (10 months).

TIER 1 – Student Lessons with NBP Director

Lesson LengthIn Your HomeIn Studio
30 Minutes$2,050/yr$1,950/yr
45 Minutes$2,850/yr$2,700/yr
60 Minutes$3,600/yr$3,400/yr

TIER 2 – Student Lessons with NBP Faculty

Lesson LengthIn Your HomeIn Studio
30 Minutes$1,950/yr$1,850/yr
45 Minutes$2,700/yr$2,550/yr
60 Minutes$3,400/yr$3,200/yr

Family Discount
Enroll a second student and save 5% off both tuitions. The third student earns a 7.5% discount on three tuitions, and so on, up to a maximum of 10% for four or more students in the household.

Tuition Payment Options

  1. PAY BY SEMESTER:  5 months; 2 payments per studio calendar year. Tuition is due by the 1st day of each semester. Please refer to a Studio Calendar.
  2. PAY BY CALENDAR YEAR: 10 months; 1 payment per studio calendar year. $25 discount applies to the total amount. Tuition is due by the 1st day of studio calendar year
  3. PAY BY MONTH 1 month; 10 payments per studio calendar year. $50 one-time charge per family applies to the 1st month tuition. Tuition is due by the 1st day of each month.


  • Piano lessons for Adults are only available as single lessons.
  • It is required that you give NBP at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule a lesson. Instructor must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any changes, otherwise you will be charged the full fee. Details can be found in the Missed Lessons section.

Adult Tuition
Tuition rates are divided into two tiers. NBP’s director provides lessons at TIER ONE rates. NBP faculty provide lessons at TIER TWO.

TIER 1 – Adult Lessons with NBP Director

Lesson LengthIn Your Home*In Studio
45 Minutes$80/lesson$75/lesson
60 Minutes$100/lesson$95/lesson
90 Minutes$145/lesson$140/lesson

* See Travel To Home Policy below

TIER 2 – Adult Lessons with NBP Faculty

Lesson LengthIn Your Home*In Studio
45 Minutes$75/lesson$70/lesson
60 Minutes$95/lesson$90/lesson
90 Minutes$140/lesson$135/lesson

* See Travel To Home Policy below

Travel To Home Policy

  • Lessons at home are based on distance (between studio or instructor’s home and student’s home) up to 3 miles or approximate travel time up to 15 minutes. If the mileage is between 3 and 6 or if the traveling time is between 15 and 30 minutes, an additional $25 will be added; if the mileage is more than 6 or if the traveling time is more than 30 minutes, an additional $50 will be added.
  • Parking fees (meters, garages, etc.) will be added if they apply at the lesson location.
  • The NBP Clinic focuses on breaking down the steps to improve a student’s piano playing proficiency. This is a skills development workshop designed to help students overcome the challenges they face during a normal piano lesson. There is no requirement for students to practice and play a piece.
  • Clinic sessions can be scheduled during semesters or summer break.
  • The recommended number of sessions is four.
  • Siblings and/or friends can share in the same clinic session. Up to four participants per session.
  • A 24 hour notice is required if a session needs to be rescheduled. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the session, you will be charged the full fee. Details can be found in the Missed Lessons section.
  • You can find more information about the NBP Clinics at
Clinic Tuition
  • $80 per 45 minute session for the 1st student; $10 for each additional student sharing the same session.
  • Maximum 4 participants in a session.

Tuition Payment Method

  • We accept a check written out to “Northern Baltimore Piano”. A $30 late fee will be added to tuition that is not paid within 7 days from a due date. If a check is returned from the bank, you will be charged a $35 returned check fee.
  • We also accept electronic payment. Please ask the director about this option.

Missed Lessons

  • Students (Pre-K to 12th grade) are required to commit to a full calendar year, September to June.
  • Occasionally, students are unable to attend lessons due to doctor’s appointments, illness, schedule conflicts, untimely accidents, or family vacations. Despite our regret, NBP does not offer refunds or prorated tuition for missed lessons. As well, NBP does not allow rescheduling of lessons.
  • In the event of a conflict in a student’s lesson schedule, please contact the instructor immediately.
  • An alternative date will be suggested for a make-up lesson if the instructor cancels the lesson or inclement weather occurs.

Piano Practice

It is essential to practice regularly. A beginner should practice a minimum of 15 minutes a day; an intermediate student should practice 30-60 minutes a day; and an advanced student should practice at least 1 hour a day. 

It is not necessary to practice continuously. It is possible to break up your daily practice into 15-minute segments. 


Twice a year, studio recitals provide students with opportunities to perform for a live audience. The recitals mark the student’s growth and demonstrate an understanding of musical concepts as well as technique. Students are also encouraged to participate in competitions at the recommendation of the instructor. For students, the two recitals take the place of two lessons. Adults may participate in recital for the cost of a single lesson fee.

Media Consent

By enrolling in the studio and signing this studio policy, the student and parents’ consent to and authorize NBP to capture and use video-audio recordings and photographic images of the student and/or student’s musical performance or quoted statements in print, electronic, or online media, for educational and promotional purposes, and without compensation. Parent agrees to waive and release all claims to NBP. However, if there is any material that is posted and you wish for it to be removed, NBP will respect and accommodate your wishes.

Change of Instructor

NBP can make a change of instructor without prior notice.

Withdrawal from Studio

When the student is ready to leave the studio, as all students eventually must, we appreciate 4 weeks’ notice.

Grounds for Dismissal

Grounds for dismissal from the studio include but are not limited to:

  • Frequent lack of preparedness for lessons
  • Excessive absences
  • Disrespect
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Repeated late payment of tuition

Communicating with the Instructor

Your instructor runs on a tight schedule. The instructor is required to be on time for the next scheduled lesson time and there is limited time to communicate after the lesson concludes. NBP understands the importance and encourages open communication. Please communicate with your instructor with the following methods:

  • Email – This is the preferred method
  • In Person – If you prefer to communicate in person, please be ready to talk briefly at the beginning of the lesson. Please be aware that these conversations can cut into the lesson time
  • Phone – Email instructor to arrange a phone meeting
  • Text – You may text instructor in case of emergency or last minute cancellation.

Meet Soyoung Ryoo

For over 20 years, Soyoung Ryoo has been committed to building a strong musical foundation that not only helps her students achieve great things in front of the piano, but also in life. Northern Baltimore Piano is currently accepting new students of all ages and levels.